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Shipping & Returns

We usually use EMS, DHL, FedEx methods

We can usually process a payment for your order. But sometimes, we have to check your order before sending us an email. Thanks for your cooperation.

2. Enter the detailed and correct mailing address so that we can successfully deliver your order. Currently P.O. does not allow email addresses. If the package is lost on the road, the wrong mail address, because the client is loaded with heavy responsibility.

Excuse after buying 3 broadcasts, but we can not change the delivery of your package. If you do not use the package and how to choose it when you leave the postcard.

Orders, a fax address must be a credit card address, otherwise we can not process your order.

Email address
We do not send PO boxes for discomfort. If the signature is collected, or do not supply all the packages. So, to give us more information, send precise time and use the phone number. If the particle can not be used due to an incorrect address, the customer will be responsible for sending payments and payment.

Travel e-mail traffic online. After your order is sent, the online number and link will send a confirmation email

EMS. Http://
Message: HTTP //
(1) return. The product must be returned in its original condition and package.
2. Reasons to restore your rights (for example, the size, your color) can not be accepted.

If you send your order, please contact us.